The Youth Guarantee in Light of Changes in the World of Work

Client: European Commission – DG Employment

Project Duration: 2018-2019
Downloads: Final Report Part 1, Part 2
Cooperation Partners: ICON Institute, Cologne.

Short Description:

The “Study on the Youth Guarantee in Light of Changes in the World of Work” provides an up-to-date review of the current approach and implementation of the Youth Guarantee in EU Member States six years after the adoption of the Council Recommendation in view of new challenges to young people in the changing world of work. The research team undertook extensive efforts to incorporate the views of key stakeholders on current and future challenges related to youth employment and school-to-work transitions, including an online survey, a brainstorming seminar in Brussels and in-depth telephone interviews.

Two reports are available and summarize the findings. Part 1 synthesizes the vast amount of available information on the implementation of the YG, its performance and its sustainability. Based on an extensive desk research in its first part, the study identifies six key aspects of YG implementation and delivery as well as background characteristics that are important determinants of YG performance across Member States. Part 2 provides a comprehensive overview of the current and future challenges for youth in the labour market and discusses how these challenges will affect different groups of young people. It also reviews the potential role of public policies and the current paradigms in view of these changes and discusses key policy levers to address these challenges.

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