Evaluating the Minimum Wage Introduction in Germany (EVA-MIN) – Innovative Knowledge Transfer and Evidence-Based Evaluation

Client: Leibniz Association
Project Duration: 2015-2017
Cooperation Partners: SOEP and IAB Nuremberg
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Short Description:

A statutory federal minimum wage of 8.50 Euro/hour is in effect in Germany since January 1, 2015. The introduction of this wage floor is an intervention into the market economy directly affecting approximately 4 million employees. It aims to improve the income situation of individuals with low incomes but is also associated with costs. The goal of this project is to comprehensively evaluate the effects of the minimum wage introduction on individuals, households, and establishments regarding objective (employment, working hours, income and income distribution) as well as subjective indicators (satisfaction, fairness perception). For this purpose, the data infrastructure (SOEP, IAB Establishment Panel) will be extended and improved and made available for use by interested researchers worldwide. The results of the evaluation are then made public to all interested audiences (scientific community, politicians, general public) in a transparent and innovative way. Further discussions about the results with these groups will be stimulated and promoted. The research project is carried out in close cooperation with SOEP and IAB.
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