Methods for Weighting and their Application in the Dentists’ Practice Panel

Client: Zentralinstitut für die kassenärztliche Versorgung
in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ZI)

Project Duration: 2022
Download: Zi-Paper 20/2022 (in German)
Additional Information:
Cooperation Partners: Chris Kerber, Markus Leiber, Tim Müller-Walden (ZI)

Short Description:

The Dentists’ Practice Panel collects information on the economic situation and the provision of dental care at annual intervals. The aim of the survey is to provide as accurate a picture as possible of the economic situation of dental practices and contract dental care activities in Germany. As the survey is voluntary, self-selection of participating practices is possible. If the non-responses are not random, but are systematically related to the variables of interest, the sample provides biased results about the target population. In order to counteract such distortions and to represent the population as well as possible, the results in the Dentists’ Practice Panel are weighted.

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